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About the President

Ph.D.,  Geotechnical Engineering, Stanford University, 1982

M.S.,   Geotechnical Engineering, Stanford University, 1980

B.S.,    Civil Engineering, Aryamehr University, 1978

Dr. Nader S. Rad is a geotechnical engineer with more than twenty years of experience with laboratory and in site testing of soils and rocks. He has been involved in equipment development and all aspects of laboratory testing at Stanford University, Louisiana State University, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI), GeoSyntec Consultants, and most recently at Excel Geotechnical Testing Laboratory. Dr. Rad has been in charge of laboratory testing programs for multimillion-dollar projects in the United States, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Congo, Hong Kong and many other countries.

Since founding EGT in 2000, Dr. Rad has been in charge of numerous laboratory testing programs required as part of construction of new landfills as well as remedial actions for existing landfills. He has also been in charge of design and testing of various soil bentonite mixes for cutoff walls. Dr. Rad has extensive experience with all aspects of soil testing procedures and is in charge of execution, overall management, quality control and document review of all testing at EGT.

Dr. Rad is a member of the Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society for Testing and Materials, and International Society for Soil Mechanics. He is the author or the co-author of more than 30 technical papers and 50 research reports on the subject of laboratory testing. He is a registered professional engineer.

Nader S. Rad, Ph.D., P.E.
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