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Geotechnical Testing Program

The Geotechnical Testing Program was established to provide conventional and specialized testing of all types of soils and geosynthetic clay liners to establish their engineering properties (physical, mechanical, and hydraulic properties) for design and construction-related purposes. Some of the testing services performed within the Geotechnical Testing Program are presented below.

Soil Strength and Compressibility Testing

  • Unconfined Compression Test

  • Unconsolidated-Undrained (UU) Triaxial Compression Test

  • Consolidated-Undrained (CU) Triaxial Compression Test

  • Consolidated-Drained (CD) Triaxial Compression Test

  • One-Dimensional Consolidation Test

  • One-Dimensional Swell Potential

Soil Permeability Testing

  • Hydraulic Conductivity of Fine-Grained Soils

  • Hydraulic Conductivity of Granular Soils

Soil Dispersion Testing

  • Pinhole Dispersion Evaluation

  • Double Hydrometer Dispersion Potential

Barrier Wall Mix Design

  • Soil Bentonite Mix Design

  • Soil Bentonite Cement Mix Design

  • Marsh Funnel Viscosity

  • Filter Press Loss

  • Slurry Unit Weight

Soil Permeability Evaluations

  • Moisture - Unit Weight - Hydraulic Conductivity Relationship

  • Capillary - Moisture Relationships for Coarse - and Medium - Textured Soils

  • Capillary - Moisture Relationships for fine textured soils

  • Freeze -Thaw Tests

  • Desiccation Tests

Geosynthetic Clay Liner Testing

  • Permeability of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

  • Index Flux

  • Thickness measurement

  • Mass per Unit Area

  • Free Swell of Bentonite Clay

  • Filtrate Loss

Soil Index and Compaction Testing

  • Sieve Analysis

  • Hydrometer Analysis

  • Atterberg Limits Analyses

  • Organic Content

  • Carbonate Content of Aggregates

  • Standard and Modified Proctor Tests

  • Maximum Density Test

  • Minimum Density Test

  • Soil pH Test

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