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Excel Geotechnical Testing (EGT) Laboratory is a geo-environmental /geotextile testing laboratory founded in 2000 in the State of Georgia. The laboratory was designed to meet the testing needs for feasibility studies, remedial designs, cleanup implementation phases of hazardous waste management programs, standard geotechnical testing requirements, as well as geosynthetic testing.

Under supervision of Dr. Rad, EGT Laboratory has established a quality assurance program which includes written policies, procedures, and guidelines for performance, documentation, and review of laboratory activities. These policies, procedures, and guidelines are revised and updated on a regular basis.

EGT is an independent research/consulting testing laboratory established to meet the field and laboratory testing needs of geotechnical as well as geoenvironmental projects.  EGTs personnel have extensive experience in performing testing procedures to determine physical parameters necessary for site investigations and quality control of construction projects.



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ASTM Standardized Testing
Professional Memberships
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EGT specializes in geotechnical testing with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and facilities to provide support services as a subcontractor to major geotechnical and environmental consulting firms.  When applicable, testing devices are fully automated with computerized data acquisition systems to facilitate tracking and analyzing the test data. The laboratory operates seven days a week to ensure timely turnaround, and is able to provide faxed results within one to three working days and certified results within three to six working days.

The laboratory management is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM);

  • American Society of Civil Engineers;

  • International Society for Soil Mechanics;

  • Transportation Research Board; and

  • Research Science council.

Stringent policies are maintained throughout EGT regarding quality assurance/quality control, health and safety practices, and client/project/product confidentiality. In fact, EGT strictly conforms to all clients' confidentiality requirements. Neither the scope of testing programs, nor the results of any tests are disclosed to any parties outside of EGT without written permission of the client.

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